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99 Years to Conformity

Once again, the date turned onto November 7th.

99 years ago (and I thought it was actually 100), the first red flag ever stood upon a regime was created by those who dared to revolt, and dared to experiment with a new pathway for politics - or much rather, the folks manipulated into a movement which promised them of better lives and political prominence.

All that were political remained political, no need for excuses.

No one folk from that crowd of revolutionists would have lived to today to see what happened since, and what horror in their believe who have been projected onto the world, and what was to be reflected by themselves in that winter - where this particular red flag was stripped off its staff, stomped onto the ground like a piece of mere plastic bag.

Anyhow, from where we stand today, should we be scared of such revolution, or should we be scared of the changes we imposed that contradicted our fear?

What is a conformity? What are we fighting against?

What is conformity then, if all there’s left is a common fear of a single ideal that does not hold a political standing in the world we live today? Is conformity valid then, if there is nothing to not be conformed to?

There shall not be conformity if none shall suggest against it.

In the world where we live today, conformity could also embody in a force to fight against the very same concept. Look, I myself as a supporter of the Free Software Movement, I conform to the ideals and practices of what was done before in this movement - like never finishing a project once envisioned to be significant - but I would keep my despise on their disregard of freedom, which ironically, inhibited the expression of ideas against the pursue for the freedom.

Go to sleep, the clock is the only thing to be conformed to.

And also, shut the hell up so you don’t get accused of being weird.