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(Too much) Fun with Big Endian

Using a Big Endian PowerPC as my main desktop is proven to be nothing less than problematic - it’s good - a good practice in filing bug reports, which I did not seem to be good at.

So, here below is a list of bug reports I have opened so far, as an record for later reference:

That is indeed a whole suite of bug reports, but in the case of wrong colors were displayed (especially on those rendered by GLX), I have filed numerous bug reports across different projects - for the lack of knowledge on the origin of this issue.

Some main take-aways, however, are collected from my conversation with these developers:

  • Currently, a possible way to work around nouveau-related GPU lock ups on Big Endian machines is to remove nouveau_dri.so - that said, you will be using LLVMpipe for your GLX applications - not efficient, but at least it doesn’t lock up any more (also, despite the wrong coloring).
  • 64K paging is an absolute no-go for Big Endian PPC with nouveau.
  • GNOME is (still) the slowest at responding to issues.

Still in hope, I am waiting for Plasma on my PowerMac G5.