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Wake up!

… Because a year is over? Yep.

I wouldn’t lie about the fact that I am rushing this post at the end of the year - just shy of 3 hours left in 2016. Just wanted to drop down several things I’ve done and not done in this year, for future references only.

What have I done then? I graduated high school after 5 years (thank God), got into a reasonable university (thank God, again), and became a history major (some how). All of these events happened (thankfully…) naturally in the course of this year. I do want to talk about my switch to history major a bit more though.

I did switch because I was scared of my future in computer science… But so what? I am not scared any more.

It is very important that one has a strong interest in at least one field, but going to class and doing things for just one thing is simply toxic. It’s a very simple idea, that if one has a lot of one thing for dinners (which he happened to like quite a lot), one grows tired of that thing. I am not ready to give up AOSC in the forseeable future (…and I don’t see it as overly emphasizing), and I wanted to contribute to it with my passion - not “time that I squeezed for it, see how hard I worked for it!” - but this idea that I particularly hated happened to me earlier this semester. Moreover, looking at my graduate level education (for my future job as, hopefully, a teacher/lecturer/professor), my chances are disgustingly low for computer sciences or mathematics. It’s a job that I would love to have no matter what subject that may one day be on - but history is indeed my second passion apart from mingling with software and sources.

So, I am indeed stupid with mathematics and logic, and I shall declare that I am done with them academically.

But there are more things to work on in the coming year still:

  • Work on your temper, showing your opinion/reaction at the first instant only makes you look stupid.
    • No more “will you just shut up” at your mom, duh.

And that would be it for now. The rest is trivial, just things to do with passion and diligence - which I believe that I still have.

Happy New Year, make it count.