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About Me:


There are many brilliant blogs out there (me not included), and better yet, they are my friends’ blogs. Go and check them out!

Tong Hui’s Blog - “FOSS Geek”

https://tonghuix.io/, Many great thoughts and opinions on current happenings in and around the world of free and open source software communities. Also, a bunch of experience sharing on Ubuntu and Debian usage, and application recommendations.

Junde Yhi’s Blog - “Hello from Junde Yhi”

https://lmy441900.github.io/, long-time friend of mine, cyber security and encryption enthusiast, and the main hands behind the AOSC OS MIPS/Loongson Port (God bless his heart). Infrequent writer like me, but with way superior quality.

Tianhao Chai’s Blog - “repo.mind.cth451”

http://cth451.tk/, classmate (well more like school mate since he’s a gem of the Computer Science Department) and ex-roommate. Japanese Anime enthusiast (Otaku?), Blender and Minecraft hobbist, and occasional food and travel blogger (damn you).

The Salted Fish’s Blog - “Home - Untitled”

https://v2bv.net/, young and rebellious high schooler with a strong interest in a great variety of techical topics - and quite often some insightful opinions. Fellow user of a pure-text-like-blog-theme-of-some-description.

My friends… Where are you?